The Outlying Districts

I've always felt fascination for the old and tired outskirts of big cities. However, in the years prior to the Spanish economic crisis of 2008, the dormitory towns of Madrid experienced a great rise in the construction of new residential buildings, which served as a way for unseasoned architects to put into practice the style that would conform the middle-class neighborhoods of the future.

In the present, and after the end of the economic recession, many of these new districts are still not fully inhabited. There are few businesses open, half of the houses are empty, between one street and another there are abandoned ramparts, and silence is the dominant key.

With this project, I wanted to explore those neighborhoods and to know their recent history through the lines and marks that architects left behind. To hear the metal, to touch the concrete, to feel the glass. I've tried to use a minimalistic approach that reduces as much as possible the visual information in each photograph, so only the essential and relevant is shown.
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